The first photo below is a crime scene photo from the basement of the DeFeo home and shows what the basement looked like at the time of the murders. The second photo is the "seventh body" photo that Ric Osuna claims is from the same crime scene. This photo was definitely NOT taken at 112 Ocean Ave. and the woman in the photo is definitely NOT one of the DeFeo's. There was no window of that size or position in the basement, not to mention that the wood paneling is not the same color or pattern.  

It doesn't take an "investigative journalist's education" to look at the two photo's and see that they are clearly not from the same crime scene, although, according to Ric, they are not only from the same crime scene, but the woman in the photo
is Dawn DeFeo.  The woman in the photo appears to have been beaten up, hence the black eye and bloody nose. Dawn's body didn't show any such evidence. Also, Ric claims that the gunshot wound she sustained would have splattered large amounts of blood and brain matter. Well ...where is it in the photo? If this is truly the bed she was originally found in, then my guess is that this is the bed she was also killed in, however, the photo shows no evidence of blood or brain matter.

Furthermore, rigormortis sets in about two to three hours after death. However, the woman in the photo is not in the same position as Dawn, or any of the other DeFeo women. After rigormortis sets, a body cannot be repositioned.

The Ocean Avenue (DeFeo home) basement is in three sections, two with paneling, and one without. (laundry area) This photo appears to be from a completely different crime scene.

DeFeo Crime Scene Photo (basement)


"Seventh Body" photo