Ric Osuna's Resignation from Lutz Book Project


It's interesting to note that there is not one word here relating to his
uncovering "new information that the Lutzes perpetrated a hoax."  Rather, he
seems more bothered by the fact that George Lutz and Daniel Farrands had
expressed a desire to bring Scottie Gee on board to handle the graphics
portion of the CD/Picture Book.

Ric's stance at the time was that he didn't want to participate in a
fictional "Amityville" film because of his concern for the "feelings" of the
surviving DeFeo family members, not because of any suspicions or evidence he
had that the Lutzes created a hoax.

Where then does he get off writing in his book (p. 15), "Nevertheless, the
relationship soured after I discovered the truth about the Lutzes and their