Ric Osuna's Letter the the Mayor of Amityville


In this letter, Ric Osuna characterizes the upcoming History Channel documentaries (for
which he was acting as self-appointed "spokesperson" and "liaison" to the
village of Amityville) as "100% objective and to the point.  There will be
NO sensationalism to the story."

He goes on to point out the integrity of the History Channel and stipulates,
"The History Channel is pretty strict on their guidelines - that once again
being no sensationalism and enforcing objectivity and truth.  I'd be lying
if I said the whole show was about a supposed hoax perpetrated by certain
individuals.  In fact, all parties, both pro and con, originally involved in
The Amityville Horror will have an opportunity to speak."

Yet in his book he writes (p. 322-323):  "The exploitation, nonetheless,
continued with the recent History Channel documentary on The Amityville
Horror, which aired for the Halloween 2000 season.  The documentary may have
been grossly inaccurate, but it did provide the original architects of the
hoax a chance to speak out.  It is not surprising that Holzer, the Warrens
and the Lutzes continued to profess the story to be true, while Weber and
Roxanne Kaplan insisted that it was all a hoax."