Ronnie DeFeo Jr. letter


Lou Gentile of The Lou Gentile Radio Show contacted Ronnie DeFeo Jr. in prison concerning the DeFeo murders and Ric Osuna's claims. This is the letter Mr. Gentile received back from Ronnie.


Dear Mr. Gentile,

 Let me begin by introducing myself.  I am Ronald DeFeo Junior,  the only person who has actual knowledge of what actually occurred on the night the DeFeos died and I have not collaborated with Ric Osuna or any other person or entity on this matter. Mr. Osuna is a fraud perpetrating yet another hoax on the public using my name as his source, a lie as you will soon find out.

 To begin with, Geraldine Gates was never legally my wife nor have we ever had relations that could of led to her child. I met Geraldine while I was incarcerated in 1985 and therefore she never knew my family or been to my family’s home. Her conception of  our “married life” stems from a never consummated ceremony that took place at the time she was still married to her first husband, Mr. Gates. The marriage, if you wish to call it such, was dissolved by court order on the grounds that she could not be married twice at one time. This was prior to be allowed a “family reunion visit” whereby we could have had relations. As for her daughter Stephanie, the fact is that she is 28 and I first met her mother in 1985. That should cast extreme doubt on my fathering her unless you think that I am capable of sireing a child years before even meeting the mother. Prison records will confirm that Mrs. Gates and I never were legally married and that we never had any relationship that could of let to any child except in Geraldine’s imagination, as was her idea of marriage, for which any male would have been arrested on the grounds of bigamy. 

 As for Ric Osuna, he is nothing but a fraud and a liar. He came to visit me with Geraldine and once I found out the nature of his visit, I left the visiting room, which can be attested to by the records and people present.  I never helped him with his book, nor did I ever authorize him to use my name as one of the sources or as a co-author. In fact, I wrote the District Attorney of Suffolk County as a criminal complaint against both him and Geraldine Gates charging one, criminal impersonation, two, solicitation without a license and three, misrepresentation with the intent to commit the act of fraud. If this sounds like aiding in the writing of his book then something is wrong with the English language I learned. Mr. Osuna visited a number of my friends stating that he was an investigator for Mr. Barry Sheck and was helping in an action that was pending before the court. He took my legal papers from one couple and I have been fighting for their return ever since. Some were returned but I fear that all the documents were not. That is theft by deception as it was accomplished without my consent or knowledge. Mr. Sheck has never represented me and he can attest to that fact. Mr. Osuna’s only concern was the writing of his novel and how he could obtain information for it. All he cares about is the money that he can and will make off me and my family.

 To prove this, he has turned my family gravesite into a tourist attraction. He has set up his own “charity fund” to collect money, ostensibly, for the upkeep of graves, soliciting on the internet for that purpose, again without my consent, knowledge or permission.  He continues to perpetrate this fraud even after I have repeatedly asked him to stop. There is no limit to his ego and his lies continue to pile up as each new day passes. He has even taken it upon himself to write the division of parole on my behalf, but his letter falls far short of wanting my release and is more in the nature of keeping me here to I will not have access to areas such as the internet to purposely protest his invasion of my privacy and impeach his “story” or for that matter the police or courts where I could seek prosecution in an action in appropriate manner.   As long as  I am behind a 40 foot wall, he feels safe and secure to perpetuate his lies without fear of being found out for what he is, a liar and a fraud. His actions are those of a criminal and as I live totally surrounded by the criminal element, I should know. It takes on to know one as the saying goes. And since I have been behind bars for almost 28 years, I think I fit the bill.

 At the moment, I have been unable to obtain a copy of his book so I can not accurately comment on his editions or rendition of the event. I do know that he has made mention that Donald kelske was one of the killers. I learned that from his son Brian, who also gave me your name and address. A copy of his letter to me is enclosed. Why he used Donald’s name is obvious, we were friends and he is now dead so he can’t refute the lie. Never did I mention Donald’s name in connection with that evening, so there is no basis of this alleged fact from Mr. Osuna.  Brian has heard these allegations before but has never heard them from me and I am the only person capable of telling the actual accounting of the event of that evening. Mr. Osuna can not, Geraldine Gates can’t. Neither were present. I am the only person alive who knows the story and I have never told it, not to the police, the district attorney, the court, the parole board or any writer. Thus, Mr. Osuna is only capable of writing fiction. Unfortunately, he reports his fiction as a true accounting and the public is again the brunt of yet another hoax.

 I am enclosing a few of the letters and internet messages that have been forwarded to me, so you can see for yourself a little of the events leading up to this. Mr. Osuna is not what he claims to be. He wrote a Novel, nothing more than the Lutzes did in having their “true story” written, The Amityville Horror. No matter what Mr. Osuna claims, this is about money and a lot of it. He has no interest in me other than using my name to make his fortune. The events of the night are “his facts” written from reports by police and  alleged interviews with others, however, the only true accounting of that night could ever come from me and I have not spoken of it to him or anyone else. And until I write a book the true accounting will always be solely with me. However, I have no desire to write or even aid in writing any story thus the true account of the night will never come. At the moment you are the only media source I have contacted and that is due to Brian’s letter to me. As you are urging him to speak I felt it necessary that you know that he knows nothing of that evening. He wasn’t present, nor anyone else that is capable of telling the story. Like Mr. Osuna, he can only give his opinion or his thoughts of what might have occurred, not what actually did occur. Only I can do that, so until then, then night will remain one of speculation and surmise. However, Mr. Osuna’s claim is for reality and truth, but his real motive is the sale of his Novel and I would imagine the movie rights when they are offered. Yes, his motive is money, nothing more. My problem now is obtaining a copy in order to lodge a federal criminal complaint to the proper magistrate. My intention is to put the record straight, Mr. Osuna is not working with or for me. He can not speak for me, nor can the events of the night in question be accurate because “his facts” are just that, his. Unless he has added forgery to his criminal agenda, he cannot produce one document signed by me to prove his claim that I helped him author his book or that I even aided him in his fact-finding.  Mr. Osunas only interest is money and how he can make it off of me at the moment. I can only hope that this is helpful in your search for the true facts about Mr. Osuna’s claims and accuracy. If your search was for the truth, you now have it.

 I am available if you need any more information to address this slander and fraud publicly in your forum. Thank you for your interest.

 Ronald DeFeo Jr.